Smart Looking Home Additions

Exterior & Interior Design and Construction

Core Builders specialize in additions that blend and feel like a integral part of your home, not an afterthought but design and layout that augments your existing space, blending comfortably with sophisticated balance of spaces that were always meant to coexist within one structure, complimenting one another here or meshing seamlessly there.

Whether you would like to lower the floor in your basement for higher ceilings, extend and reinforce foundation, grow your home vertically upwards, or extend it horizontally, Core Builders know about making space for airy sun rooms, roomy butler pantries, hardcore gyms, enticing ensuite baths, kitchens you can entertain in, comfortable dining rooms, spacious balconies, or cozy rear porches overlooking the green.

The Core Builders owner operator, Giulian LaRovere, hires talented designers and qualified, licensed and seasoned professionals with the relevant experience necessary to get the job accomplished. He respects, recognizes and helps you bring to life the vision that you have in mind for the space your home needs, without cutting any corners. Contact Giulian.

He has built in modern comforts while maintaining the charm, style and feel of an Old South classic — a fine balance.

"Giving an old classic new life", Norman De Bono, LFP