Standalone Structures

Custom Homes, Cabanas & Garages

Core Builders offer spectacular design and development of beautiful standalone structures including posh cabanas, spacious elegant garages, and solid new designer homes. The Core Builder's principal, Giulian LaRovere knows how to blend classic and modern, practical and deco, good looking and comfortable. It's a fine balance but he has a track record of pulling it off. Call it solid work; call it art; call it cozy. He likes to take things up to a higher level.

Giulian employs best design talents and best qualified, licensed and seasoned professionals for each construction project. He is committed to recognizing and building upon the vision that you help him dream up. He offers valuable suggestions and is dedicated to guiding home owners through issues they face during planning and construction. Contact Giulian.

Thank you Giulian for making a living space we love.