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Core Builders are no novices to renovating, remodelling, redesigning interiors, constructing and installing stylish modern comforts that respect, blend with, and take full advantage of your home's original architectural elements, layouts and charms. The Core Builders' principal, Giulian LaRovere, knows how to recognize the potential of a place and put in the meticulous work to make things happen. "You have to do things right", he says. Whether working with existing structures, redesigning them, augmenting them with breathtaking additions, Giulian has an outstanding feel for balance between comfort and aesthetics, as well as for the right blend between home's original architectural features, and brand new, or pristinely restored reclaimed, elements.

Whether you would like to preserve the classic features of your charming Old North, Woodfield or Old South home by retrofitting and reinstalling the original or reclaimed trims, frames, stained glass windows and restored doors, or would like to blend in innovative elements, handcrafted features, upgraded comforts and up-to-date technology, Core Builders are ready to take things up a notch without cutting any corners. Contact Giulian.

It is an outstanding house.... It is so nice to see a renovation that has not destroyed the charm and character, but created a blend.... Giulian has done what everyone wants. They want a character home without the inconvenience. It gives you the best of both worlds.

LFP quoting Richard Houston of Sutton Select Realty